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Crossbow – How to Use it

Using Crossbow to Kill Tansy, Scotch Broom, Blackberry Vines, and Others

How to Use it Safely

Crossbow herbicide is a selective post-emergent herbicide used to control a wide range of woody plants, brush, and broadleaf weeds in pastures and grasslands. Before using Crossbow, read the label carefully and follow all safety guidelines. Below are general instructions for using Crossbow herbicide on a pasture with animals:

  1. Safety precautions:
    • Always wear protective clothing, gloves, and safety goggles when handling and applying herbicides.
    • Keep animals and children away from the treated area until the herbicide has dried completely.
  2. Assess the area:
    • Survey the pasture to determine the extent of weed infestation and the types of weeds present.
    • Ensure the pasture has adequate drainage and is not prone to flooding or pooling.
  3. Choose the appropriate application method:
    • Broadcast application: Suitable for large areas with widespread weed infestations.
    • Spot treatment: Ideal for isolated patches of weeds or small infestations.
    • Basal bark treatment: Recommended for controlling individual woody plants or small clumps of brush.
  4. Mix the herbicide:
    • Follow the label instructions for the appropriate mixing ratio of Crossbow concentrate to water or oil. Ratios may vary depending on the target species and the desired level of control.
    • Add the appropriate amount of Crossbow concentrate to a spray tank, then slowly add the required volume of water or oil while agitating the mixture.
  5. Apply the herbicide:
    • Apply Crossbow on a calm day with little to no wind to avoid drift and potential damage to non-target plants.
    • For broadcast application, use a boom sprayer or aerial equipment to uniformly cover the entire treatment area.
    • For spot treatment, use a handheld or backpack sprayer, and aim for complete coverage of the target weeds’ foliage.
    • For basal bark treatment, apply the herbicide mixture to the lower 12-15 inches of the woody plant’s trunk or stems, ensuring a continuous band around the circumference.
  6. Monitor the results:
    • Keep an eye on the treated area for any signs of regrowth or new infestations.
    • Reapply Crossbow as necessary, according to the label’s recommended intervals and rates.
  7. Grazing restrictions:
    • Remove all animals from the pasture before the application of Crossbow.
    • Follow the label’s grazing restrictions for each specific animal species.
    • Generally, allow at least 14 days after the herbicide application before allowing animals to graze on the treated pasture.
  8. Dispose of any leftover herbicide mixture and clean the equipment according to the label’s instructions.

Remember that these are general guidelines, and it is essential to consult the Crossbow herbicide label for specific application rates, mixing instructions, and safety precautions.


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